How This Works

What do the colors mean?

Courses are identified by color. The color indicates when your course started. Every color started as a beginning class at one time. Red is the oldest and therefore into advanced topics.

How long does this course last?

Each course starts as a beginner class and moves you through intermediate on to advanced. This takes approximately 50 weeks. Eventually you will join the red class where there are special advanced topics.

Can I come to only the classes I need?

The course is designed for you to start with Week 1 and keep going. Each class builds on the previous week, sometimes working on the same model. Even those that have had previous Blender experience learn new things right from the beginning.

Is there homework?

Yes! Homework is a way for you to practice what you've just learned. The more you practice, the easier it will be to use Blender. Homework is usually submitted as screenshots via email, but there may be exceptions. Check the homework guidelines.

How often does class meet?

To give the most flexibility, classes repeat 3-4 times a week at different days/times. Each week is a new subject. So you only need to attend one class per week, but are welcome to attend any repeat class as well. Check the board in the classroom for days/times your class meets.

Red class (advanced topics) meets on occasion for special topics.

How long is an individual class session?

Each class lasts approximately 1 hour, but may occasionally overrun depending on content, questions, etc.

What is the format of a class session?

A class is comprised of video and text discussion. Usually a class lasts about an hour, but sometimes runs over a little. We ask that you don't try to work in Blender while following the videos in class. Do that later.

Are there class notes?

No notes will be given out. Take your own notes and be sure to copy the video URLs so you can access them again later. We highly suggest you create a notecard for each lesson and label it accordingly so you can refer to it easily.

What if I miss a class?

If you cannot attend any of the classes during a week, you can ask for the video URLs when you attend class the following week.

Can I share the video links?

No. Video links are not to be shared with anyone, not even with classmates.

How much does it cost?

The software is free. The classes in here are free. However, Graham spends a lot of time creating the videos and holding classes. If you feel inclined and you can afford it, please tip Moody the Cow in the front of the classroom.