Class Schedules commencing 6th January 2020

These classes normally meet each week at the given times. Please check group notices inworld for any changes in the schedule. You need to know which color of class you are in, as each has progressed to a different week number. (SLT time is Pacific Time.)


  • Mon, 2pm SLT
  • Fri, 12 noon  SLT.
  • Sat, 12 noon SLT


  • Mon, 12 noon SLT
  • Fri, 2pm SLT.
  • Sun, 10am SLT


  • Wed, 2pm SLT
  • Thu, 2am SLT
  • Thu, 12 noon SLT
  • Sun, 12noon SLT

◇ GREEN (commencing 8th October)

  • Thu, 2pm SLT
  • Fri, 10am SLT
  • Sun 2pm SLT



  • Sat, 2pmSLT