Preparing for Class

What software do I need?

◇ Blender

Classes will be using Blender version 2.81 which can be downloaded from HERE. There is no need to download anything else. Any extra software or addons that may be used will be explained during classes.

◇ Screenshot Software

When asking for help in group chat, a picture really is worth a thousand words. By posting the URL of a screenshot of your Blender work area when asking questions, we can quickly look at your settings and get a better idea of what is happening. Free screenshot software (but not limited to): Gyazo and Lightshot.

Do I need voice working for class?

No, you do not need voice. Class format will be video links you view in a web browser and class discussion in text.

How Do I Keep Things Where I Can Find Them?

Set up a folder on your computer to hold all your Blender projects for homework and practice. We recommend you have subfolders by week and store your .blend files in the appropriate week.